Friday, November 4, 2011

Clumsy and crafting

I'm excited for tonight. Not only because it's Friday but because I'm getting together with some friends for a craft night. This is something I never thought I'd want to do because, you see, I am a total klutz with crafts. I never know what I'm doing. Put a paint brush in my hand and watch me squirm. I was always the kid in school who spilled glue, used too much paint, cut the wrong things, and just generally screwed up every art project we ever did. You could always tell which project on the wall was mine. It was the sticky, gloppy, crooked mess in the middle of the pretty, properly done ones. Maybe some of that clumsiness has worn off since elementary school, but that's a pretty big maybe. It was really bad!

Tonight will actually be our second craft night. My friends know I'm not crafty and asked me to join them anyway. Makes a girl feel pretty good! I chose to start off with the most simple thing I could find. All I had to do was put strips of masking tape on a jar, paint it with shoe polish and cover it with Mod Podge. I figured even I couldn't screw that up. I had to buy some Fast Orange to get the shoe polish out of my fingers, but other than that I did okay. I'm too lazy to take a picture of mine, but if you're interested in what I'm talking about, it's right here on The Craft Floozy.

Tonight I'm trying something a little harder - a yarn Christmas tree I found on Pretty Ditty.

First grade Krisi, back off.

I'll post a picture of my tree tomorrow. It may turn out to be an ugly tangled mass of yarn and "berries" but we'll see. Luckily I have friends who won't laugh at me if it does. At least not out loud. ;)


  1. Your tree turned out so well!! I need two or three for my buffet - they are adorable!

  2. I think your tree was adorable! :o)