Monday, December 12, 2011

Ballet dreamin'

There is a little girl in our house who desperately wants to be a ballerina. She watches Angelina Ballerina and tries to mimic every move she makes. Sometimes when she watches Angelina dance, she gets this dreamy, far away look in her eyes and says, "I wish I could be a ballerina...."

There is nothing cooler than Angelina right now. Not even Dora, although she does think it's pretty awesome to boss me around in Spanish. We have differing opinions on this issue. But that could be its own post, so back to ballet.

Ballet is the first thing Grace has ever truly had her heart set on, so we enrolled her in a class that starts in March. She's thrilled. THRILLED. She already has the tutu she wants picked out and keeps talking about how she gets to have a real teacher and everything. It may be a long few months for the poor kid.

She has a few little play tutus but you never know what she's going to decide to dance in for one of her impromptu recitals. Anything can be a tutu in Grace's world. On this day it was an Easter dress and matching hat that someone gave her a few weeks ago.

Please excuse the big ugly box that I was too lazy to get rid of. Let the show begin!

It's good to smile at the audience every now and then. They like that.

Ballerinas love putting their arms up like this.

Ballet is very serious business.

Our dog just doesn't appreciate the art of ballet. Uncultured fool.

But the show must go on! 


  1. Love the photo of G and the dog! What a talented, spirited little girl you have.
    -Heidi Buller Huber

  2. I remember when I was little I'd put on my onesie pj's with the white plastic like feet and dance around my living room like an ice skater. Shuffle backwards and do a spin jump half-assed thing to be an ice skater. HAHA I still have never gone ice skating for fear of breaking my face.

    Such a cute kid you have Krisi and your posts/status updates make my day on the regular!

  3. Haha, cute memory! I had that type of pj's too, they were awesome!

    Thanks for the nice comments you guys :)