Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Last week was Grace's preschool Christmas program. It was her first ever Christmas program so it was kind of a big deal. Some family came from out of town, I dug out the camcorder, and we spent too much money on a dress she would wear one time. So okay. It really was a big deal.

It sounded like it was a really adorable little show. I can't be too sure though, because most of what I saw looked something like this:


Drat the luck on that one. Oh, and to the guy in front of me who was leaning forward as far as he could while holding his camera in the air - thanks buddy. There is a lady in the 10 items or less line with a cart full of groceries and a bag full of coupons just waiting for you to get stuck behind her. When all you have is a box of ice cream.

Bringing the camcorder was a huge waste because of the sheer amount of heads in the way. Apparently preschool Christmas programs are a big fat deal to everyone else on the planet too. And I guess the time I spent digging around for an old Hi8 tape wasn't so silly after all. But the fact that we still use Hi8 tapes? Yeah, that may be a little silly. Oh well, at least we got to see the side of her face a few times. I was able to convince her to sing one of the songs for us later though, and I even got a video. With my fancy shmancy digital camera, yes sir.


  1. Oh, man! That sucks that you didn't get to see much! Did they have it in the sanctuary? Why is everyone standing? Super-cute video of her singing later though - she's a doll.

  2. Yep, they did have it in the sanctuary. That's a stock photo though. Just wanted to find something of the back of a million peoples' heads cuz that's about all I saw, lol. Glad you like the video. The girl loves to perform!

  3. That stinks! Aiden's was the same way, but I got to at least sit on the floor to see and got a crappy video. I saw that photo of the crowd, and was like wow that is a good picture DOF and all. Haha! Grace looks beautiful in her dress and she is adorable in the video.

  4. I cannot stand people who act like they're the only ones in the entire crowd hogging up space like that! Grr! Her dress reminds me how my mom fondly tells me every year that my first Christmas dress as an infant cost like $40 or something insane that I would grow out of in a few weeks. :) Turn the dress into a pillow or something for her at Christmas time for her bed? :) Such a cute video too!