Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cribs and toddlers and twins, oh my!

This sappy post is brought to you by Grace. It's all her fault. So blame her.

Now that we've got that straightened out, here goes. Last week Hubby and I finally decided to fork over the cash for a twin bed for Grace. She's a little over four now, and the toddler bed just really needed to go. So we went out to buy her a new one and she. was. thrilled. She scurried from bed to bed, professing her undying love for each one. The more excited this child gets, the louder she gets, and the squeakier her speech becomes. She becomes a tiny bouncing blur of loud. We don't pretend like we don't know her even though it would probably be understandable.

Finally we settled on this one:

The nursery-like decor on the wall? Yeah, I'm a rip the band-aid off slow kind of girl. 

This is where it becomes Grace's fault. I was doing just fine with her being in a "real" regular type bed, which is awesome for me because I'm overly sentimental. I was proud of myself because I really am rather pathetic. But then on the third night of her having it, I was stupid and asked her a question when I tucked her in.

"Grace, how about you just stay little forever. Okay?" 

This wasn't supposed to be a serious question. I was being silly. And I was expecting for her to agree to this. She has no grasp of not being a child forever, right? She doesn't really get that she won't always be three feet tall...right?

Wrong. Instead she got very serious and said, "no...I just gotta grow up."

Why does she have to be so literal? Why does she have to be so realistic? Why does she have to understand things so well? It was the way she said it that got to me. It was spoken very kindly and almost apologetic, like she was trying to let me down easy. Of course I know she's going to grow up, but does she have to?

Then Insanely Overly Sentimental Krisi came out to play. That chick ticks me off. I started thinking about the other places Grace has slept and how big she's gotten. Once you start reminiscing it's hard to stop. Or maybe that's just me. 

Her first bed was a bassinet. 

Don't let her fool you. She hated this thing.

She could not stand to sleep on her back so the bassinet was only used for about a week. She woke up like every ninety seconds and it was pure torture for all of us. The only way she liked to sleep was in her swing, and it didn't even matter if she was actually swinging or not. The girl just did not like to lay flat. The bassinet was a gift, so we felt bad that it hardly got used. But that guilt subsided when we started to feel human again. As human as parents of a newborn can feel, anyway. As soon as we let her sleep in it she slept like a rock.  

God bless Graco.

Her nights were spent in the swing until she was nearly five months old. One day she just up and decided that sleeping on her back was pretty cool. But before she would sleep in her giant expensive play gym  crib, she would only lay in it to look up at her mobile. Otherwise, she wanted nothing to do with it. 

"These people actually thought I would sleep in this thing. Ha."

When she reached toddlerhood she got a toddler bed, and neither she or I took that very well. But Hubby wasn't at all phased by the fact that the last remaining piece of her babyhood kicked the bucket when he took her crib down. No, he was just all whatever about it. But he's a man and men are strange. 

Grace didn't mourn the loss of her crib for too long.

And now in its spot sits the biggest twin bed ever. Seriously, the thing is a beast. This is the last bed we will ever buy her. If she ever wants a different one she can just buy it herself because good gosh. Regular beds are stupid expensive. 

Get comfortable kid. You're stuck with this one.


  1. It stinks when you get slapped in the face by how much they've grown up. (((hugs))) Mama. She be getting bigger, but she'll always be your baby girl.

    BTW, thank you for adding the email subscription gadget! I am now subscribed. :D

  2. Thanks friend :) and I'm glad the subscribe thing worked.

  3. Wow, You write so well! almost had ME in tears!!, Grandpa,
    PS somehow our screen name got messed up... Oh well

  4. Thanks! Sorry to make you almost cry though!