Friday, February 24, 2012

Here we go....

Today was the first day of our trip to San Francisco. Don't listen to the date on this post. It doesn't know what it's talking about. It thinks I'm still in Kansas where my feet and calves never hurt because I'm lazy there. We are here for nine days of walking, climbing, biking, sailing, and oh yes. More climbing. We may act like drugged zombies for weeks after we get home, but darn it, we're gonna have fun. 

The Short One isn't with us. She's staying with some of our family and having a blast of her own. I'm excited to be here, but being away from my girl is hard. I started to miss the little energy sucker before we even made it to the airport back in Kansas City. I kind of like her you know. When she gets older we want to bring her with us, but for now - NO WAY. It's hard for us to climb these mini-mountains they call hills. She would get tired and act like she was dying halfway up the first one.

Not that I would blame her. I have no idea how small children live here. They've either developed freaky strong legs or their parents carry them everywhere. In which case they must be freaky King Kong-strong parents. Which actually would be kind of awesome.

Now I'm rambling about weird things so that's all. I'm beat. 

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